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Types of Residential Carpeting

Give your home a warm, inviting feel with carpet floors. Watch your baby giggle happily on a soft floor. Relax with friends in a casual-yet-elegant living room. Enjoy every moment with carpeting that is comfy, stylish, and bright at the same time.


There are many types of carpeting for homes in Colorado Springs, CO. Some designs are perfect for rustic styles, and others add incredible retro flair:


  • Frieze: Bouncy, attention-grabbing carpeting with long, twisted strands
  • Plush: Comfy and soft, plush carpets have an irresistible feel
  • Textured: Strands of different sizes make style possibilities endless
  • Patterned loop: Resistant to wear and visually interesting
  • Cut-loop: Beautiful, comfortable, and striking

In addition to choosing the pile you like, you can also select from a wide variety of carpet fibers: nylon, polyester, wool, cotton, and sisal. Nylon offers excellent resistance to stains and wear, and wool is luxurious and naturally soil-resistant.


The Benefits of Carpeting

What are the advantages of carpeting compared to other types of flooring for Colorado Springs, CO homes? Residential carpets have a “feel” that’s hard to find with other options:




Carpeting gives you a lot more freedom to play around with your home’s color palette. You can use walls and decorative objects to make bold design decisions and capture significant attention with colorful carpeting.




Few things are as comfortable as walking on a plush carpet in your socks (or barefoot). For people who hate waking up to freezing floors in winter, carpet is a smart choice. It’s warm, fuzzy, and attractive at the same time.




Carpeting can give any room a warmer touch. Whether you like industrial chic or prefer a country feel, residential carpet gives spaces a family vibe. That’s why it’s a natural choice for living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms where you want to relax.

Business Carpeting Solutions

Commercial carpets focus on different features than residential carpets. They’re designed for maximum wear resistance, strength, durability, and stain resistance. As a business owner, you want your clients to see carpets that look attractive, even if hundreds of people walk over them every day. Business carpeting needs to be simple to clean and capable of standing up to dirt and debris for ages.

In most cases, commercial carpeting uses synthetic fibers, providing excellent stain resistance while minimizing cost per square foot. Nylon is a premium choice that stays beautiful in entryways, hallways, offices, and other high-traffic areas. For hotels, movie theaters, and restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO, woven business carpets offer a more luxurious feel that still stands up to significant food traffic.


The Carpeting Experts


At Curt’s Flooring, we’re experts in all types of residential carpeting and business carpet options. We provide gorgeous finished results with installation of exceptional quality. Our team helps from the very beginning to pick out the right type of carpet for your needs. That way, you get the best performance possible, amazing style and quality that lasts for ages, without going over budget.

To get started, contact us right away.


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